Learn Product Management by Building an App

This course teaches you real-world product management skills by guiding you in creating your own social photo sharing app.

Why this course?

This course teaches you practical product management skills like customer discovery, problem-solution-benefit analysis, and user story writing by guiding you in creating a social photo sharing app (similar to Instagram). Once you go over the basics of product management, you will hone your skills by playing the role of a product manager to create an app from idea, to development, to launch!

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Not just theory

This course is not just another “product management for beginners” course that teaches you product management theories. Instead, you get to experience real-world product management.

Build a real app

You won’t just learn the concepts of product management, you will get to apply the tools and techniques you learn to create a web app. You will be defining and creating features like user account management, follower counts, likes, photo uploading, photo editing and sharing, activity feed, and many more.

Go at your own pace

The reading, writing, and exercises included in this course can be done at your own pace. Each lesson helps you make meaningful progress towards the launch of your own app. When you finish the course, you would have created your own Photo Sharing App.

What you will create

You will be building your own Photo Sharing app from scratch using all the tools and techniques that seasoned product managers use to create web and mobile apps that millions of people use daily.

The features that power a social photo sharing app are applicable to numerous web and mobile applications that have been created and launched by experienced product managers.

  • User account management features.
  • Social networking app features - follower counts, likes, activity feed.
  • Photo management features - uploading, editing and sharing.

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Rutul Davé

I learned Product Management by creating

Hi! I am Rutul Davé, the creator of this course. In the last 10 years, I have created, launched, and grown various different web applications and digital products used by millions of people.

When I started, I had no idea what a product manager does, or what product management requires. I had never done any customer discovery interviews, or written a single user story.

However, the only way I learned the art of product management is by creating. It’s by far the best way to understand the theory and concepts of product management, and practice the techniques and tools required to ideate, define, and launch successful products.

I hope this course provides you with valuable skills and supercharges your learning.

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Product Management is for everyone. If you are new to product management, one of the best ways to learn the art is to build something. With 30DaysOfProduct, you don't need to have any software development or design skills to create your own web app.

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